Last night, we sat down to create a list of the translation of “Turkish Coffee” world in other languages.

Warm summer nights in New York City lead us to creativity and new ideas.

A new and a great idea came to us out of nowhere. We said to ourselves; “Why don’t we ask our readers to help with this project?”

How to Help us with the Project Turkish Coffee Translation

We have named our list: Project Turkish Coffee Translation

Here’s how you can help us to create this list:

  1. If you are bilingual, or you know anybody who speaks another language (come on, you definitely know, remember the six degrees of separation?) ask and learn the translation of “Turkish Coffee” in a different language.
  2. Post in the comments below with your translation, here’s the format:
  3. Language: Turkish
    Translation: Türk Kahvesi
    Name: Your name and/or your website’s name
    URL: http://yourwebsite.com

    We will be adding a link for the person who has sent the translation of that specific language first. This is our way of saying thanks by giving a link and sending traffic to your way. But, please keep in mind, if somebody already commented for the specific language before you did, you will not be getting credit. So, hurry :)

  4. Help us spread the word. Please copy and paste this message into your twitter and tweet it to spread the word.
  5. @TurkishCoffeeUS Project Turkish Coffee Translation – Add your translation at http://bit.ly/Y6YHJ

Here’s the first translation, of course in Turkish. Looking forward to receiving your contributions.

Project Turkish Coffee Translation

  1. Türk Kahvesi – Language: Turkish, Contributor: Turkish Coffee US.
  2. Café Turco – Language: Portuguese (Brazil), Contributor: Nicole Arruda.
  3. Caffè Turco – Language: Italian, Contributor: C.S..
  4. Turska Kafa – Language: Serbian, Contributor: Ozren Vukelic.
  5. Kava – Language: Croatian, Contributor: Ozren Vukelic.
  6. Kahva – Language: Bosnian, Contributor: Ozren Vukelic.
  7. トルコ コ-ヒ ( toruko ko-hi) – Language: Japannese, Contributor: Gulcin.
  8. قهوة تركي – Language: Arabic, Contributor: Nora.
  9. Török kávé – Language: Hungarian, Contributor: Erik.
  10. Cafea Turcească – Language: Romanian, Contributor: Erik.
  11. Türkischer Kaffee / Mokka – Language: German, Contributor: Erik.

13 Responses to “Turkish Coffee Translation in 100 Languages”

  1. veysel kamsız says:

    language: turkish ( regional accent, esp used in middle anatolia )
    translation: gayfe
    name: veysel kamsız

  2. Language: Portuguese (Brazil)
    Translation: Café Turco
    Name: Nicole Arruda
    URL: http://www.twitter.com/nicarruda

  3. admin says:

    Veysel, that’s a good one :) I’d prefer to keep it in the comments since it is also Turkish. Thanks for sending it. Nicole, thanks. it’s added.

  4. C.S. says:

    Language: Italian
    Translation: caffè turco
    Name: C.S.

    Granted, I may have cheated on this one a bit ;-) . I have translator program on my computer that I used.

  5. Ozren Vukelic says:

    Language: Serbian
    Turkish Coffee = Turska Kafa

  6. Ozren Vukelic says:

    the great thing about the term “coffee” is it’s going to still keep a similarity across different languages. But just how they vary is the interesting thing. For example even thought the former Yugoslav states all spoke the same “Serbo-Croat” language, the term for “coffee” varies for example:

    Serbian: Kafa
    Croatian: Kava
    Bosnian: Kahva

  7. Language: Hungarian
    Török kávé
    Language: Romanian
    Cafea turcească
    Language: German
    Türkischer Kaffee / Mokka

  8. Nora says:

    Language: Arabic
    Translation: قهوة تركي
    Name: Nora
    URL: http://flickr.com/photos/noraa

  9. Gulcin says:

    Actually I’m Turkish but there is the japannese one… here we go!!! :)

    Language: Japannese
    Translation: トルコ コ-ヒ ( toruko ko-hi)

  10. ellena307 says:

    Great, realy great work on your website!!!
    Congratulation! Keep going!

  11. Pavlina says:

    Language: Czech
    Translation: Turecká káva
    Name: Pavlína

  12. Dorina says:

    Language: Shqip (Albanian)
    Translation: Kafe turke
    Name: Dorina

  13. teddy says:

    We are habitualy drink Turkish Coffee,we love it because its very delicious and mantab(our language). We made it at my own home . We live in Jakarta,Indonesia

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