A good ol’ couple… Turkish Coffee and a Glass of Cold Water …

As we all know, Turkish coffee is made of freshly medium-roasted coffee beans by grinding them very fine and it is brewed in a very special way. The way Turkish Coffee is served and the customs to follow when it is ready to be enjoyed is as special as the preparation and brewing phase.

It is a very old and known custom that the Turkish coffee is supposed to be served with a cold glass of water. Like most of other old customs and habits, no one really knows the necessity of the cold glass of water as a bystander of the delicious Turkish coffee.

Turkish Coffee with a Glass of WaterTurkish Coffee Picture Credit: CoffeeKeyif on Flickr

Nevertheless, most of the customs and cultural habits have some health benefits which we usually underestimate and most of us do not realize the need for them.

What might be the benefits of having a glass of cold water along with your Turkish Coffee?

  • 1. As you probably know, coffee and tea have a chemical ingredient called “methylxantine”…Caffeine is the most popular methlyxantine in coffee, and has a mild diuretic effect. In other words, drinking coffee makes you to lose some body water via increased amount and frequency of urination. In order to catch up with this “loss”, it is accustomed to serve the Turkish coffee with the water.
  • 2. Others believe, it is necessary to “clean” all the taste buds on your tongue from other tastes by drinking a glass of water before enjoying your Turkish coffee. With doing this, one can increase the pleasure of having a nicely brewed Turkish coffee. Having some sips of water before drinking your coffee also makes the taste of your coffee stay longer, without getting mixed with all other “previous” tastes.
  • 3. Last but not the least, Turkish coffee is the only brewed coffee that is served with its ground at the bottom of your cup (fincan). In case, if you liked your Turkish coffee so much, and instead of drinking it if you inhaled it and accidentally aspirated some ground particles or had some particles got stuck in your throat, by having the bystander “a glass of cold water” you can immediately reverse the choking hazard safely for yourself…
  • Enjoy your Turkish Coffee with a glass of cold water…

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  1. Vickie says:

    I really enjoyed this post about how to make Turkish Coffee. Fortunately, I have been a guest and enjoyed Turkish coffee with friends. Perhaps now I’ll be able to try and make it myself.

  2. Ali says:

    you should try Turkish coffee with a piece of Lokum (Turkish delight) . you will not regret this…

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