Turkish Coffee Pots

Whether it’s called Turkish Coffee Pot, Ibrik, Cezve, or Ibriq, it is designed to make a perfect cup of Turkish Coffee and has been a unique piece from Coffee History.

According to historians, Turkish Coffee Pot has been used since the late 15th century. Ottoman Chroniclers believe, usage of Turkish Coffee Pot (also known as Cezve in Turkish) in households has started around the years 1554-1555 after the opening of coffee houses in Istanbul, Turkey.

What is a Turkish Coffee Pot ?

As seen in the pictures below, Turkish Coffee Pot is a specifically designed coffee pot to make Turkish Coffee. It is built with a handle (wooden, plastic, or metal) to prevent the hand of the coffee maker from burning.

These ibrik also has a uniquely designed brim section which makes the pouring of coffee in a Turkish Coffee Pot easy without spilling it on the Turkish Coffee Saucer.

How to Choose the Right Turkish Coffee Pot (ibrik) ?

There are three criteria you should be checking before choosing the right ibrik for your needs, and those are; the material which the cezve was made of, handle of the ibrik and the size of the ibrik.

Before we get into details of these criteria, let’s take a look at some of the most used Turkish Coffee Pot types.

Turkish Coffee Pot Types

Types of Turkish Coffee Pots

  1. Turkish Coffee Pot Types by Material:
  2. In general, you have 3 options; Stainless Steel Turkish Coffee Pots, Copper tin lined Turkish Coffee ibriks and brass tin lined ibriks.

    In the past, both copper and brass tin lined Turkish Coffee Pots were very popular, but especially nowadays, modern stainless steel ibriks have replaced most of the copper and brass ones. Even though many Turkish Coffee addicts and fans still prefer the old style copper coffee pots and believe these make better tasting Turkish Coffee, most households prefer the stainless steel Turkish Coffee Pots. The most important advantage of stainless steel ibriks are easier cleaning and product life. Almost all of the stainless steel Turkish Coffee Pots are dishwasher safe and they usually last for many years unlike the copper and brass pots.

    If you are a frequent Turkish Coffee drinker, we recommend getting both a modern stainless steel cezve and an old style copper or brass cezve. Try both and make your own decision.

    For both copper and brass coffee pots, tin lining is used to make them safe for usage. But you should also keep in mind that you will be needing to clean your copper and brass tin lined ibriks occasionally.

  3. Turkish Coffee Pot Types by Handle:
  4. Depending on the material type, ibriks also come with different handle options. Since Turkish Coffee Pot is placed on top of the stove directly, it is important to choose a handle which won’t get hot easily or even burn and melt.

    Stainless steel Turkish Coffee Pot handles usually come in either stainless steel or some type of non-burning plastic material. These are usually safe and easy to use. Most copper ibriks come with either wooden handle or brass handle, and this is same for brass tin lined ibriks also. Both wooden handles and brass handles are usually safe and easy to use.

    If you are purchasing a very small size coffee pot, it is important to choose a handle with either wood or plastic material. Our experiences show us, the handle can easily get very hot on small size pots if the handle is made of stainless steel or brass.

  5. Turkish Coffee Pot Types by Size:
  6. Turkish Coffee Pots are usually made in several sizes for convenience. Many US based sellers advertise the cezve sizes in both length and volume. Most of the sellers also includes the serving information, which states how many cup of Turkish Coffee you can make with the cup.

    In general, Turkish Coffee Pot sizes range from 1 serving (the smallest) to 5-6 servings (the largest). Serving size also depends on the size of your Turkish Coffee Cups.

    In a traditional Turkish home, you will easily find at least one of each size of Turkish Coffee Pots. Due to the demand, many ibrik sellers also offer a set option, which includes one size of each ibrik in the set.

    If you are an occasional Turkish Coffee Drinker, and you don’t need a full set of ibriks (5-6 pieces), we recommend getting 2 sizes; first one for 2 servings (which you can easily make 1 serving), and second one for 5 to 6 servings (which you can use to make Turkish Coffee when you have guests). Even if you are getting the cezve only for yourself, you wouldn’t be getting only 1 serving size cezve, because 1 serving size ibriks (the smallest ones) are hard to hold on the stove and easy to burn your hand while making Turkish Coffee.

Where to Buy Turkish Coffee Pots?

  1. Buying Turkish Coffee Pots in Turkey:
  2. If you are visiting Istanbul, Turkey, you should definitely visit the world’s oldest and largest shopping mall Grand Bazaar. Probably, you will find the largest selection of Turkish Coffee Pots at Grand Bazaar along with thousands of other traditional Turkish products and gifts.

    If you are a Turkish Coffee fan and if you ever visit Istanbul, another “must visit” location should be the flagship store of “Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi“. This is the #1 selling Turkish Coffee Brand in the world. At their flagship retail location, you will not only find a variety of traditional Turkish Coffee Pots, you will also have a chance to buy freshly grinded Turkish Coffee right in the store while smelling the best Turkish Coffee in the world.

  3. Buying Turkish Coffee Pots in the United States:
  4. If you live in a metropolitan city like New York City, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, etc. you are lucky. You will find a number of ethnic grocery stores which carry ibriks and all types of Turkish Coffee. In many of these metropolitan cities, you can also find ethnic and Turkish Restaurants where you can enjoy a cup of Turkish Coffee. Over 100 restaurants and coffee shops came up after a quick search for “Turkish Coffee in New York“. Yelp is great to find local retail stores and restaurants, you can make a search for local stores around where you live.

  5. Buying Turkish Coffee Pots Online:
  6. This is probably the easiest way of buying Turkish Coffee Pots. Whether you live in the US, Europe or any part of the world, the convenience of shopping online has changed our old habits. A huge number of ecommerce sites offer a large variety of Turkish Coffee Pots including Amazon, eBay and many other niche online retailers.

    Since Amazon offers the largest selection of ibriks online, you will be most likely buying a Turkish Coffee Pot on Amazon. To make your life easier, we’ve researched & gathered the best Turkish Coffee Pot deals on Amazon below. Enjoy your Turkish Coffee with an authentic Turkish Coffee Pot.

Turkish Coffee Pot Deals & Specials

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