Turkish Coffee Grinders

Turkish Coffee Grinder is a must have tool for all Turkish Coffee Lovers. Turkish Coffee Grinders are specifically manufactured to grind Turkish Coffee Beans extra fine to make a perfect cup of Turkish Coffee.

Most handmade Turkish Coffee Grinders are manufactured with top of the line craftsmanship and they are also great to be used as decorative pieces.

What is a Turkish Coffee Grinder?

An authentic Turkish Coffee Grinder, also known as Turkish Coffee Mill is a grinder made with an adjustable grinding mechanism to grind coffee beans in ultra fine, powder form.

Both electric and manual types of Turkish Coffee Grinders are available to grind Turkish Coffee. Even though, a manual Turkish Grinder is used at most Turkish Households, either would work just fine as long as it produces ultra fine ground Turkish Coffee.

Before getting into further information about the types of Turkish Coffee Grinders, let’s talk about the grinding process itself.

Grinding Turkish Coffee

Fresh roasted whole bean coffee should be preferred to grind for the most delicious taste. If the coffee is fresh, it will not be too dry, and produce fresh flavor and taste. While making Turkish Coffee, a Turkish Grinder is the most important tool you will be using.

To make the perfect cup of Turkish Coffee, you will need to use a quality coffee grinder which will produce homogeneous ground coffee and will last long.

How Does a Turkish Coffee Mill Work?

Whether it’s an electric or a mechanic coffee grinder, a Turkish Grinder has a grinding mechanism. This notched grinding mechanism is made in two types, they are either plain or cone shaped. Cone shaped notched grinders produce a higher quality ground coffee compared the plain shaped grinders. But the diameter of these notched grinders play an important role. Larger the diameter gets, more quality the final ground coffee is.

A quality Turkish Coffee Grinder should grind the beans slowly. Grinding faster warms the beans, which results in burning the beans while grinding.

Turkish Grinder Types – Manual & Electric Turkish Coffee Grinders

In general Turkish Grinders can be grouped in two. Manual grinders, also known as hand grinders is the traditional Turkish Mills used to grind Turkish Coffee. Second group is the electric coffee grinders. We will talk about each type of these mills both with pros and cons.

Hand Coffee Grinder also known as Manual Coffee Grinder

Parts of a hand coffee grinder:

  1. A cover lid/cap at the top where you remove to put the whole coffee beans in
  2. Mill, which grinds the coffee beans.
  3. Cylinder shape main body
  4. Conic notched gear attached to the mill
  5. Conic socket at the bottom of the body which is attached with a screw to the body
  6. Bottom container to hold the ground coffee
  7. Crank to manually grind the coffee beans

It is pretty easy to use a hand coffee grinder to grind Turkish Coffee. Remove the top lid and pour the whole coffee beans in. Put the lid cover back on and attach the crank. Remember to adjust the screw in the mill mechanism. You can loosen or tighten the screw to make more fine ground coffee and vice versa. Usually, Turkish Grinders come as factory adjusted, so you don’t have to play with the screw unless you want to change the fineness of the ground coffee. And finally, attach the crank to the top and starting turning the crank slowly to grind coffee.

Most manual coffee grinders are made with brass outside and cast iron inside. Some larger manual coffee grinders have wooden decoration sections outside. Whether the inside mechanism is steel or cast iron, these hand grinders usually have pretty long lifetime.

To be able to increase the lifetime of a hand coffee grinder, you need to clean it after each usage, keep it away from humid environments and do not wash it with water and leave it wet.

Electric Turkish Coffee Grinders

Even thought grinding Turkish Coffee manually is a tradition which most Turkish Coffee Drinkers keep practicing, due to time spent on using a manual coffee grinder, sometimes using an Electric Turkish Coffee Grinder is an easier option.

Since Ground Turkish Coffee is more fine in thickness than pretty much any other coffee type in the market, it is hard to find the right electric coffee grinder to grind Turkish Coffee.

There are many versions of industrial type Electric Turkish Coffee Grinders, especially in the European Market. To be able to find the right one to use at home, you need to make sure it is a quality electric grinder specifically made to grind coffee and grinds coffee in very fine form to use as a Turkish Coffee Grinder.

Fineness of Ground Turkish Coffee

It is pretty hard to give a specific number for the right fineness of ground Turkish Coffee.

In general if we want to scale the fineness of ground coffee, we can share this example which the final ground coffee is listed from thicker to thinner.

French Press => Filtered Coffee => Mocha => Espresso => Turkish Coffee

On the scale shown above, French Press produces the thickest ground coffee, while Turkish Coffee is the thinnest (most fine). Fineness of Espresso and Turkish Coffee are extremely close to each other, usually the difference is measured by microns.

The fineness of the final ground Turkish Coffee varies by the quality and type of the whole beans, and the roasting temperature. Even the humidity in the room where coffee is being grinded will affect the thickness/fineness of the ground final product.

Especially industrial coffee grinder machines come with several levels of grinding setups. This way, the grinder can choose the right grinding level depending on the whole bean used, the temperature and the humidity. This type of decision making needs expertise and many years of experience.

Where to Buy Turkish Coffee Grinders?

  1. Buying Turkish Coffee Grinders in Turkey:
  2. If you are visiting Istanbul, Turkey, you should definitely visit the world’s oldest and largest shopping mall Grand Bazaar. Probably, you will find the largest selection of Turkish Coffee Grinders at Grand Bazaar along with thousands of other traditional Turkish products and gifts.

    If you are a Turkish Coffee addict and if you ever visit Istanbul, another location you should be visiting is the flagship store of “Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi“. This is the #1 selling Turkish Coffee Brand in the world. At their flagship retail location, you will not only find a variety of traditional Turkish Coffee Grinders, you will also have a chance to buy freshly grinded Turkish Coffee right in the store while smelling the best Turkish Coffee in the world.

  3. Buying Turkish Coffee Pots in the United States:
  4. If you live in a metropolitan city like New York City, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, etc. you are lucky. You will definitely find some international and ethnic grocery stores which carry Turkish Mills and different brands of Turkish Coffee. Yelp is an online directory for local business where you can find local retail stores and restaurants to buy a Turkish Coffee Grinder or simply enjoy a cup of Turkish Coffee.

  5. Buying Turkish Coffee Grinders Online:
  6. This is probably the easiest way of buying Turkish Coffee Grinders. Whether you live in the US, Europe or any part of the world, the convenience of shopping online has changed our old habits. A huge number of ecommerce sites offer a large variety of Turkish Coffee Grinders including Amazon, eBay and many other niche online retailers.