Does this phrase make any sense? Actually yes!

Most of you probably have watched or heard about the well-known TV series “How I Met Your Mother?”.

Here is a part from this series. It`s from the 17th episode of 5th season. In this part Jenifer Lopez was the guest star. She was attending a TV show. In the break time of the program the waiter offered different types of coffee to Jeniffer Lopez such as cappuccino, espresso and latte. At the end the waiter showed another coffee and said emphatically: “And this is Turkish coffee!” with a modern Turkish coffee cup. Eventually, she chose the Turkish coffee without hesitation. This is a simple sign that shows the popularity of the Turkish coffee.

Even though Turkish coffee is keeping to be a historic coffee, its reputation is expanding every day. If you haven`t tasted Turkish Coffee, here is a good incentive reason for you!

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