Does this phrase make any sense? Actually yes! Most of you probably have watched or heard about the well-known TV series “How I Met Your Mother?”. Here is a part from this series. It`s from the 17th episode of 5th season. In this part Jenifer Lopez was the guest star. She was attending a TV [...]

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Turkish Coffee Set Design

Published on 16 November 2009 by in Turkish Coffee News


Turkish Coffee Set Design by Esli Alovi from Israel This coffee set was designed by Esli Alovi for DesignBoom’s “Dining in 2015″ Design Contest. This is one of the coolest designs we’ve ever seen. Usually, a Turkish Coffee Set has a traditional design. But this modern design takes to a totally new level. Esli Alovi’s [...]

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Meetup.com is a website where people create and join to local interest groups and meet once a month locally. There’s a very active local Turkish Coffee Meetup Group in New York City. If you are a Turkish Coffee Fan and live in or around New York City, you have to join this meetup group. New [...]

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