1. Cooking Turkish Coffee is the oldest method of cooking any type of coffee in the history.

  2. Due to soft Turkish Coffee Foam, the taste of Turkish Coffee stays in the mouth longest compared to any other coffee.

  3. Since Turkish Coffee is served in special coffee cups with thin round corners, Turkish Coffee stays hot longer than regular coffee.

  4. Turkish Coffee is the only coffee that is cooked by boiling the ground coffee beans.

  5. Turkish Coffee is the only coffee type that you can read the fortune in the coffee cup.

  6. Turkish Coffee is cooked and served without filtered. Coffee grounds sink to the bottom after being poured into the Turkish Coffee Cup.

  7. Turkish Coffee is the only coffee served with its coffee grounds without filtered.

  8. Compared to other coffee types, Turkish Coffee contains less caffeine per serving.

  9. Turkish Coffee is the only coffee that is being cooked with sugar. Sugar is added after cooking to other coffees.

  10. Since per serving amount is much less than regular coffee, Turkish Coffee does not overwhelm by drinking couple of cups a day.

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  1. ellena307 says:

    I’ve allways tried to make at my own place Turkish Coffee, but everytime it seems that I missed something!
    Nice tips!

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